About us

Why are we doing this ?
Our work is our greatest passion. We do what we love, so we love doing it. Any free time we spend on further learning and development. Design, development, action - these things give us the greatest joy and sense of satisfaction. It goes without saying that we've spent all our time focusing on our work. Have we gone mad? Undoubtedly - but we know that we are in the best place at the best time thus we use 100% of our ability and potential as according to the following principle: "Start today, not tomorrow, not next week, but today. Remember that yesterday is over, and tomorrow might never come."

How do we do it ?

A cohesive team is the key to success. What we love in our company is that each of us comes here every day to do something that they love. We are a group of young, energetic people gazing into the future with great optimism. With a powerful group, we aren't afraid of challenges and firmly move forward through the virtual world, discovering every day its endless mysteries.

What do we do ?

iMSence is a professional advertising group based on modern technologies. We carry out projects for companies of all sizes, in every industry, and around the world. The combination of these elements makes the guarantee leading solutions for virtually every customer both in the domestic and global markets. We help our customers expand to new areas and create a professional image. We are proud of the projects for globally recognised brands. We create an image from scratch, providing a unique style that distinguishes us from others (see our portfolio). Our projects have been repeatedly singled out and awarded in Europe and on other continents (see awards, press and media section). We support a number of media and artistic events. We have several years of experience in the industry. The full range of our services can be found in services section.

Why us ?

Because what we are doing now is better than what we did a year ago, and what we will do next year will be better than what we are doing now... Because every day we wake up with full awareness of why we go to work. We work to inspire others to do the things that inspire them. Are we better than the competition? If you are convinced that what we do for you is good then we are. We want to work with clients who believe in the same thing as we do; ready to achieve succcess together through co-operation.

Let's do business together !
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