The history of our company was born out of the passion for the Smart brand; everything started really by a sizeable coincidence. We owe the creation of our company to such a inconspicuous little car - smart roadster. If it hadn't been for the car, the co-founders of the company would never have met each other on 03.02.2009, along with the idea of a website about two cars and the history of their modifications (see the article on onet moto). So from word to word from a small website about cars a professional media, advertising and IT agency was born.
Currently, our company has two models in its workshop: Smart Roadster and Smart Roadster Brabus Coupe. One of which, modified accordinly to our project, won the largest Polish nationwide contest for the car design of Wojna Północ Południe in PROFI category - for the best design, and was exhibited at the Carstyling Tuning Show Hungexpo in Budapest in April 2011.