Our Webportals

Our webportals have different functions and uses. Cocaine Car Club is a website dedicated to the automotive industry and its fans all around the world. It has a very powerful engine and application, enabling the creation of profiles, establishing network and tunning groups around the world. There is also a collection of information and advice written by automotive enthusiasts. This includes various forms of membership, providing access to our store with automotive gadgets and clothing designed by iMSence. Related Swebsite - Blood Bikes Base, on the other side, is devoted to the fans of motorcycles, and it's as advanced as the Cocaine Car Club. Both web portals are currently in the development process. iMSence Jungle website is a forum and a collection of courses, tips, advice and products of our design, we sell them all over the world as well as directly through the Jungle. The website is open to all from the advertising industry, arts, IT, and more. iMSence Dreamland - a virtual world and entertainment area closely related to the nature of our business and place to show for modern information technology.